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Liberty to spin-off economic, voting interest in TripAdvisor

Liberty announced that its board has also authorized management to pursue a plan to spin-off to holders of its Liberty Ventures Group tracking stock shares of a newly formed company to be called Liberty TripAdvisor Holdings. Trip Holdings would be comprised of, among other things, Liberty’s 22% economic and 57% voting interest in TripAdvisor (TRIP), as well as Liberty’s BuySeasons business. BuySeasons would be reattributed from the Liberty Interactive Group to the Liberty Ventures Group prior to the spin-off and cash equal to the fair market value of BuySeasons would be reattributed from the Liberty Ventures Group to the Liberty Interactive Group. The Evite business, also currently a part of Celebrate Interactive, would remain at Liberty attributed to the Liberty Interactive Group. In the spin-off, record holders of Series A and Series B Liberty Ventures common stock would receive 1 share of the corresponding series of Trip Holdings common stock for each share of the Liberty Ventures common stock held by them as of a to-be-determined record date. The completion of the spin-off is expected to occur in the first half of 2014.