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LibertyBell Criminal Lawyers Are Featured in Time Magazine

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - May 6, 2013) - LibertyBell Law Group's criminal lawyer, Gina Tennen, is featured in Time Magazine's April edition section titled "Leaders of Criminal Defense." This edition is famously known for the 10th annual list of the most influential people in the world. Tennen is the only woman in Time Magazine's legal leaders.

Highlighted is criminal lawyer Gina Tennen's leadership in the legal field and criminal defense subspecialty, among her peers and in her law firm.

Tennen built the law firm with a steadfast passion of making available the best legal representation across all 50 states and in federal courts. LibertyBell Law Group boasts an all-star team of top lawyers, experts and criminal law specialists.

The criminal lawyers at LibertyBell Law Group have comprehensive experience and criminal law specialties. Each criminal lawyer brings to the table a unique legal background, case strategies, wins, and skillfulness. Gina Tennen, the Executive Managing Attorney, specializes in white collar crime, fraud, drug and sex related cases, along with other very serious cases.

"At the core of our advanced law firm model is our team of best lawyers and experts working together to deliver an exceptional high quality service. We own case wins by combining cutting edge technologies and the best minds with strict focus on getting the best result for our clients. Our grateful clients' responses speak volumes and let us know we are doing it right. We appreciate their trust and go above and beyond to give the best," said Gina Tennen, founder of the firm.

About LibertyBell Law Group

LibertyBell criminal lawyers are known for their winning cases and impressive results. They defend all individuals alike in the full range of defense. To learn more, visit www.LibertyBellLaw.com.