Lief Cares Shares Update on Successful 2021 Initiative in Partnership with Axe ALS

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Lief Cares Axe ALS partnership helps bring awareness and nutritional support to the ALS community

VALENCIA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 14, 2021 /Lief Labs, a premier formulation and product development innovator and manufacturer of dietary supplements, is pleased to announce that the Lief Cares non-profit donation program's 2021 initiative in partnership with Axe ALS, and through the generosity of Lief Cares sponsorship partners, has currently raised nearly $8,000 and has provided valuable nutritional supplements to support the ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis) community.

Lief Cares is Lief's non-profit donation program that identifies essential groups in the community to spread awareness and support them with supplementation. Axe ALS was founded by Eric Stevens and his wife, Amanda Stevens. Eric is a former professional football player and Los Angeles Firefighter who was diagnosed with ALS one month after he married his college sweetheart, Amanda.

"We are extremely proud to support Axe ALS and the important efforts of Eric and Amanda Stevens for the ALS community through our 2021 focus initiative for Lief Cares," said Nate Cox, Partner and Chief Business Officer of Lief Labs. "We understand that the unique needs of people challenged with ALS often require them to use supplementation to help support their nutritional needs. Lief Cares was happy to specially formulate and manufacture a nutrient support supplement to donate to the ALS community, as well as help raise money and awareness for this very worthy cause."

Lief Cares donation program provides Nutrient Support supplements in partnership with Axe ALS

"We were so excited when Lief Labs reached out about an initiative to help the ALS community through Lief Cares. We are fortunate for their willingness to spread awareness for ALS and we are extremely grateful for their involvement in providing patients with nutritional support through supplementation," said Amanda Stevens, Co-Founder of Axe ALS.

Lief Cares is continuing its efforts to raise awareness for Axe ALS and to help gain additional donations for this important initiative as 2021 comes to an end. To learn more about Lief Cares and how to donate to Lief Cares programs, please visit:

Previous Lief Cares focus initiatives have included "First Responders Immune Support" and "Essential Workers Immune Support" donation programs. The program looks forward to giving back in 2022 with other new initiatives.

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