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Life-changing medical innovations that makes the impossible possible

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STOCKHOLM, Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Medical wire that stops the trembling caused by Parkinson's disease. Precision tools that can manufacture tailored prosthetic limbs durable and flexible enough to race down the slopes. And 3D-printing technologies that can create scull and spinal implants in just a few hours. With new and improved technology, the potential for helping people who suffers from physical disabilities have never been better.

The technological advancements within the medical sector are almost hard to grasp. At global engineering group Sandvik, one of the fastest growing segments today is Medical, where the company develops products and components that are essential in solutions that change people's lives for the better.

In a series of films, Sandvik is celebrating some truly inspirational people that have been helped to live a normal life again after using advanced medical innovations and solutions. Click here to see them: home.sandvik/life-changing-innovations

"Our products in the medical field are rarely seen since they are often a part of the manufacturing process or imbedded in another device. Now we want to highlight the fascinating work happening within the medical sector and encourage more people and partners to look into some of these solutions and be inspired to advance the world of medical innovations even further," says Jessica Alm, Executive Vice President and Head of Communications at Sandvik Group.

Examples of disabilities where Sandvik's innovations are a part of the life changing solutions are Diabetes, Parkinson's disease, Hearing loss and physical injuries caused by accidents. Sandvik's super thin medical wires, machining tools and cutting-edge knowledge within 3D-printing are important stepstones on the route back to a life with minimum impact from the disability.

But don't take Sandvik's word for it. Watch the in-depth films, starring persons that have experienced the emotional roller-coaster that comes with living with a disability, and struggling to find a way back to an everyday life.

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Life-changing medical innovations that makes the impossible possible