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Life Imaging is Conducting a Reg CF Campaign on StartEngine

·5 min read

Life Imaging is raising funds on StartEngine to be a real solution for early detection.

DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla., March 10, 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Life Imaging is conducting a Regulation CF campaign on StartEngine with hopes to provide education and an affordable solution to early detection of the two deadliest diseases known to humankind; heart disease and cancer.

Life Imaging's goal is to get to the problem early and save lives.

Founder, Tom Graham, experienced loss first hand and knew he needed to take preventative action to reduce preventable deaths in the United States.

Tom's solution?

Early detection, a medical screening service that allows Life Imaging to tackle heart disease and cancer before life-threatening symptoms occur.

Life Imaging uses FDA-approved state-of-the-art low-dose GE scanners that use a fraction of a standard CT scanner's radiation to detect cancer and heart disease before a patient shows any symptoms. The technology can sometimes detect symptoms of a disease, sometimes a decade ahead. By adapting and optimizing an existing technology, Life Imaging can save on costs while also providing FDA-approved and recognized services by their consumers.

Full-body scans can cost thousands of dollars through insurance. Life Imaging's packages are just a few hundred dollars a scan, making their body scans incredibly affordable. Plus, the scanning protocols are straightforward, don't require any contrast or dyes, and only take a mere five-ten minutes of your time for the scan itself.

Tom's goal is to have Life Imaging worldwide so anyone can have access to affordable preventative care, and by doing that, save lives every day.

To do so, Life Imaging is conducting a Reg CF campaign on StartEngine.

Life Imaging has already established itself as a critical player in the space, with their South Florida flagship clinic close to opening. South Florida is an ideal location for Life Imaging, as it is the eighth largest market in the US with seven million-plus people.

More importantly, South Florida is full of baby boomers who have retired, also known as the "Gold Coast."

The area is well known as one of the United States' most prominent retirement destinations—-Life Imaging's ideal demographic.

Life Imaging anticipates servicing all of South Florida from the North of Miami to West Palm Beach, which means they will directly serve those who need their services the most while supporting Life Imaging's business growth. From this location, Life Imaging plans on expanding by using its flagship facility to train more employees from other cities around the US and the world.

Tom Graham, the Founder, explains, "Millions of people walk around every day with heart disease and cancer that are asymptomatic. They're walking timebombs without even knowing it. Even worse, many people don't realize that with our technology, there is an extremely accurate, painless, and non-intrusive way to detect these deadly diseases early."

Life Imaging believes they stand out from the competition due to their key differentiators:

  • Quality: Life Imaging facilities use licensed radiologists rather than doctors, which allows them to maintain the highest quality experience at a lower cost.

  • Affordability: With bundled payments, the cost per scan is 70% cheaper than traditional scans. Not only this, reactive treatment is shown to cost more to the consumer than preventative medicine.

  • Ease of use: A life Imaging scan itself takes only five-ten minutes, and their detailed reports have a 98% accuracy which is provided the same day. Convenience is one of their core values.

Tom explains, "Most of our investors are excited about being a part of this business opportunity, not just from the money-making opportunity but also from personal experiences."

The founder continues and states, "Unfortunately, chances are you have a friend or a loved one who has been affected by a serious or fatal health condition. Based on the statistics, far too many of us have had to let go of someone we love. The worst part is, conditions such as heart disease and cancer are often preventable with the proper screening, and early detection saves lives."

Life Imaging realized their vision with their flagship clinic opening up with the scanners being installed very soon. Tom states, "We can't wait to see what the future has in store for affordable preventative care, and if you want to help support our progress, then get involved and invest in Life Imaging on StartEngine!"

Life Imaging is currently conducting a Reg CF Campaign on the equity crowdfunding platform StartEngine, where everyday investors can learn more about the technology and potentially invest in the company at an early stage.

Find out more about the Life Imaging solution and the offering at https://www.startengine.com/life-scan

Sales Contact:
Tom Graham

About Life Imaging:
Headquartered in Deerfield Beach, FL, Life Imaging is a health screening service that takes the guesswork out of preventative care. Their mission is to educate and provide an affordable early detection system for the two deadliest diseases known to mankind, heart disease, and cancer. Life Imaging uses an FDA-approved state-of-the-art low-dose GE ct scanning that is accurate and painless and can help prevent many diseases and help protect our loved ones.

Media Contact

Tom Graham, Life Imaging, 727-773-6675, tom@thesavingsfirm.com

SOURCE Life Imaging