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Life Science Lawsuits - Learning from the Ordeal

-- Principles applicable to all companies:

1. Why the suit? Maybe we can prevent the next!

2. Insurance lessons from the cases

BOSTON, Feb. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Life science companies are the canary in the coal mine – the first to be targeted and hit in litigation, per risk management consultant Licata Risk Advisors.

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This is true in D&O (Directors & Officers Liability) because the company's financial prospects are volatile and investors can be and often are overly optimistic.  There can also be overkill by the company in describing the product success and/or prospects.

In Products/Professional Liability (PPL), the firms are on the cutting edge of life saving solutions, but the solutions aren't yet proven; unexpected negative results occur, which lead to injury and litigation.

The study of litigation looks at four case examples in each of the two categories: D&O and PPL.

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