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Lifetrack Medical Systems Awarded its Second US Patent, Streamlining Workflow Adaptability and Security Management for Distributed Radiology

MANILA, Philippines, July 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Lifetrack Medical Systems Inc. has been awarded a US Patent entitled "Managing Permissions" that greatly improves workflow adaptability and security management of enterprise applications, while maintaining simplicity in system administration.

Lifetrack has implemented its invention in its Lifesys™ RIS/PACS offering, a breakthrough platform for distributed radiology for hospitals, clinics and imaging centers.

For large enterprises, the number and variety of features offered by an application can be large. Features of an application sometimes support complex flows of work being done by various users that correspond to roles that the users play within the enterprise. It is often desirable or even critical that users have access only to those features that they need in order to perform their roles.  Until now, applications have attempted to manage these needs through a permission matrix, but the outcome is usually too coarse grained and as a result, workflows are constrained, and users often frustrated.

By applying its now patented invention, Lifetrack Medical Systems has introduced its new Advanced Configuration Engine™ as a standard feature of Lifesys™ RIS/PACS. Permissions can now be managed effectively, quickly, and efficiently at a fine-grained level. The result is effortless adaptability to any radiology workflow, with significant improvement in security management of patient information.

"Our mission at Lifetrack Medical Systems is to modernize medicine," says Dr. Eric Schulze MD PhD, Lifetrack's founder and CEO, and pioneer of distributed radiology. "We've already built the first 4th Generation platform for distributed radiology incorporating our RadNav™ technology, based on our first patent, which serves as a guidance system to radiologists through its integrated decision support system and active templates. With this latest patent, we're now able to deliver highly adaptable and secure distributed radiology at enterprise and even country or Ministry of Health scale."

The Lifesys™ platform was built applying Lifetrack's SEPI™ principle of "Simple, Elegant, Powerful, yet Intuitive." Customers report that they're able to rapidly produce comprehensive and accurate reports.

About Lifetrack Medical Systems
Lifetrack Medical Systems is the leader in distributed radiology solutions, with enterprise and country-level scalability. Its browser-based platform, LifeSys™ RIS/PACS, features hybrid cloud deployment options with hub-and-spoke architecture, patented RadNav™ technology, which enables radiologists to produce consistent, comprehensive, high-quality diagnostic reports with rapid turnaround, and a patented Advanced Configuration Engine™ for unparalleled workflow adaptability and security management.  

For further information, visit www.lifetrackmed.com.

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