Limbix to advocate for youth mental health on Capitol Hill

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The Capitols Hill days will bring together a diverse collective of champions to advocate for expanded access to digital therapeutics for adolescents nationwide

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Limbix, a developer of digital therapeutics for adolescent mental health, will be speaking to lawmakers on Capitol Hill March 23rd & 24th. Joining Limbix is a diverse group of individuals who will advocate on behalf of young people across America that are challenged with mental health conditions. The goal of these days is for lawmakers to hear directly from these advocates about adolescent mental health needs, provider experiences, and how digital therapeutics can augment patient treatment journeys.

Limbix's Director of Business Development, Cameron Badger, and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Benjamin Alouf will lead a specially selected group of providers that have unique experiences with digital therapeutics and value having accessible treatment options available to young people.

Depression is the most common mental health disorder among adolescents in the United States and can have a negative effect on school performance, relationships, and other health conditions. As a psychiatrist, Dr. Daniel Emina knows how valuable digital therapeutics can be for the adolescent population. He says, "Teens and young adults are on their devices. We have an opportunity to shift the effect these devices have on their health to be more positive and adaptive by meeting them where they are with digital therapeutics that teach vital cognitive and behavioral skills."

According to the National Library of Medicine, rural American residents experience significant disparities in mental health outcomes despite similar prevalence rates between rural and metropolitan areas. Melissa Pallin, LCSW, explains, "Digital therapeutics provide me with more tools for clinical practice, thus allowing me to increase my reach. Given the current mental health crisis, it's important to use all the tools available to me".

"Digital therapeutics bridge gaps, they are sometimes the only option in hard-to-access communities, in situations where culture or religion blocks youth from mental health care, or during the wait for care. Digital therapeutics help patients understand what counseling is before committing to face-to-face care. I have found them a huge asset to my primary care practice," says Dr. Dawn-Marie Gotkiewicz.

The APA estimates that half of the children in the United States with mental health disorders don't receive the treatment they need. For every 100,000 people under the age of 18 in the US there are only 5 child/adolescent psychologists. Limbix's Capitol Hill days aim to give a voice to adolescents seeking more accessible treatment options.

About Limbix, Health Inc.

Limbix is on a mission to make mental health treatment accessible to young people who need it the most, when they need it the most. Limbix's diverse team of clinicians, product designers, researchers, and engineers are uniquely suited for developing mental health technology, as they understand the value of combining clinical expertise with technological innovation. The team focuses on giving young people access to affordable, effective behavioral health care by building safe and evidence-based treatment options that providers can offer their patients. Through extensive research, Limbix built their first digital therapeutic that delivers CBT-based treatment for teen depression directly to users' smartphones.



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