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Lindsay Lohan Suing Grand Theft Auto V Creators

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Lindsay, meet Lacey. (AP Photo/Rockstar Games) 

Lindsay Lohan is facing another legal battle, but this time, she’s the one starting the fight.

Seven months after threatening to do so, the tabloid favorite filed suit Wednesday against Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive Software, saying the creators of Grand Theft Auto V used her image and likeness without her permission.

Lohan, whose tumultuous personal life has earned her far more fame than her onscreen roles, believes that a minor in-game character, Lacey Jonas, is based on her likeness. The suit also notes that the game features the infamous Chateau Marmont hotel, where Lohan once lived in West Hollywood.

In the game, meeting Jonas launches an optional side mission in which players must escape an aggressive gang of paparazzi.

“Can you give me a ride past them, please?” asks the character. “I’m hardly wearing any makeup. This is a disaster. I’m so [expletive] fat. How’s my hair? Do I look cute?”

Once the photographers have been ditched, the character complains about the difficulties of fame, noting a divide between her and her parents and hinting at an anorexic lifestyle.

A Take-Two representative declined to comment, noting that the company does not publicly discuss legal matters.

Lohan isn’t the first famous face to sue Rockstar and Take-Two over GTA V. Earlier this year, Karen Gravano, daughter of Sammy “The Bull” Gravano and former star of the VH1 reality series Mob Wives, accused the companies of unlawfully using her image and life story for one of the game’s characters.

That case is still pending, with Rockstar arguing the suit should be dismissed since creative works of fiction and satire, like GTA V, are shielded against such claims. That argument would theoretically apply to the Lohan case as well.

Grand Theft Auto V set an entertainment industry record by earning $1 billion a mere three days after its retail release last year.

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