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Lindsay Lohan Wants to Help Donald Trump Find a New Lawyer

Amanda Arnold

Lindsay Lohan has hit the ground running in her new-ish role as official spokesperson for Lawyer.com, where it’s her job to “act as marketing and brand adviser” and release bubbly promo ads. Wednesday morning, she saw an opportunity — a man in need of a lawyer — and went after it, like a true seasoned spokesperson.

The prospective client she targeted was none other that Donald Trump, who she once called a “nice person.” Like a good brand adviser, Lohan must know that the president’s lead personal attorney handling the Russian election interference case, John Dowd, resigned a few weeks back, and therefore needs another player to join his legal team.

To draw him to Lawyer.com, she tweeted, “Hey, @RealDonaldTrump heard you need a lawyer … at Lawyer.com we are always here for everyone ;).” Love the … suspense.

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