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Lindsey Vonn's Extremely Jetlagged Dog Is the First Meme of the 2018 Winter Olympics

Kelli Bender

Travel is ruff.

This reality hit Lindsey Vonn’s loyal companion, Lucy the dog, hard when she decided to travel to Pyeongchang, South Korea, with her athletic owner for the Olympic Winter Games.

Already a long flight, Vonn and Lucy’s trip from the United States to South Korea was dragged on even longer due to flight delays.

“Well, we made it to Korea!!! After 6 hours on the tarmac before takeoff and a total of 24 hours of travel we are finally here,” Vonn posted on Instagram, along with a photo of her and Lucy, after finally arriving in the 2018 Winter Olympics’ host city.

Vonn, with a big smile and unrumpled ensemble, looks almost picture-perfect in her post-travel picture. Lucy, on the other paw, looks like she spent about 24 hours traveling.

The Internet, including Team USA, was quick to notice the canine’s thousand-yard stare, and quickly turned Lucy into the first meme of this year’s Olympics.

Vonn seems to have gotten a laugh out of Lucy’s online stardom, and responded to those who were worried about the dog with her own Tweet.

Lucy, who once again has all four paws on the ground, seems to be adjusting to her new temporary home just fine now.

Lucy is one of Vonn’s three dogs. She is the only one attending the Winter Games with her skier mom. Larger dogs, Leo and Bear, are cheering their mom on from home.

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Fans can see what the entire trio is up to on the pooches’ shared Instagram account @vonndogs.