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What are linewives and bucket bunnies? Why do they have drama on TikTok?

An extremely niche online community is getting attention because — drama, of course!

The linewife community is in turmoil. Storm season is here, and that means bucket bunnies are pouncing on the linemen. But it’s all good because linewives have dealt with row hoes before!

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If this makes no sense to you, fret not, just about everyone was in the same boat as you until this week on the internet. Twitter users began to pay attention to the linemen community after bizarre TikToks with cryptic messages began to circulate.

“I am a pipeline wife. We dealt with Row Hoes before tik tok. I stand with all the linemen wives as they prepare to take on Florida’s bucket bunnies. Blue collar is not a trend, it’s a lifestyle,” @ohhmtee wrote in a TikTok, holding up three fingers.

So here’s what that actually means…

What is a lineman?

A lineman is someone who fixes damaged electrical lines. After a natural disaster, linemen are the ones who restore lost power. These blue-collar contractors can be on the road for around five months a year and are paid top dollar during storm seasons.

What is a linewife?

A linewife is a woman who has formed an identity around her husband’s profession as a lineman. There are many online communities, TikTok among them, dedicated to the ups and downs of being a linewife.

What is a bucket bunny?

Linemen are known for driving trucks with extended buckets. Therefore, a bucket bunny, according to Urban Dictionary, is pejorative for a “woman who hops from electrical lineman to lineman looking to have sex often not caring if the men are single or married.”

What is a row hoe?

According to Urban Dictionary, it’s another derogatory term for a woman (sensing a trend here) who works in the pipeline industry as a “welders helper … who has sex with anyone or anything as a means to advance threw the work place.”

Why is everyone talking about linemen, linewives and bucket bunnies?

Welp, it’s storm season in the eastern U.S. which means linemen are traveling away from home (and their linewives) and getting caught on dating apps pursuing these so-called “bucket bunnies.”

Hurricane Ian specifically is conjuring up drama as linewives blame bucket bunnies for their husband’s infidelity.

Recent Florida transplant @dimijimmy1 explained that the drama broke out when a bucket bunny posted a video of herself scrolling through Tinder and all of the men were linemen.

This prompted the linewives to go after bucket bunnies and notably not their cheating husbands.

TikToker @iamcameronkay said men were being “caught in 4K” because of the video.

Meanwhile, linemen are calling their wives “embarrassing and cringe,” as noted in a viral tweet that prompted much of the discourse from reporter Kelsey Weekman. (Disclaimer: Weekman used to work at In The Know.)

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