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The Linus Group: How Scientific Research Progresses Amidst a Global Pandemic

Results of a survey of the science community in the early phases of the Coronavirus outbreak

The Linus Group has finalized the results of a baseline study to capture the immediate impact of coronavirus among life science and scientific research communities.

The Linus Group surveyed 350 scientists, researchers, directors and other professionals in the scientific community to better understand the impact and reaction of the coronavirus pandemic. Our report, "Coronavirus and the Impact Across Life Sciences" explores this impact, the estimated long-term effects of coronavirus on scientific research, the perceived length and depth of disruption, and the sentiment in the early phases of a nationwide response.

An interesting model is emerging from the initial data, which will be further supported in our report:

  • The disruption to the life science community will occur in four phases, each with different priorities, characteristics and duration.
  • The community is currently in a phase of initial shock—almost exclusively focused on mitigating the immediate effects of the disruption. Nearly 70% of respondents are focusing on their personal health and well-being, and over 35% on immediate work-related issues.
  • Though 90% of respondents report that they are affected by disruptions, they signal that they plan to be productive in other ways. In this golden interim phase, we expect to see new collaborations as the community addresses a backlog of analysis and writing manuscripts for publication. Over half of the respondents claim that this golden interim phase will likely last between 3 to 6 months.
  • Few are considering the surplus of activities that will engulf them during the transition phase, when they will be able to re-enter the normal operation.
  • Once the surplus of activity subsides, the new normal phase will be largely driven by the economic effects caused by coronavirus.

"With the life science community in a state of turbulence, it is our responsibility to look beyond the immediate, and develop insights for scientists and management to make sound decisions for both short- and long-term impacts. A model is quickly emerging for how science will progress," says Hamid Ghanadan, CEO and Founder at LINUS.

LINUS is a strategy firm focused on solving the most challenging problems in healthcare and life sciences through in-depth experience with influencing human behavior to make effective change happen. More at thelinusgroup.com.

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Cori Sherman
Associate Strategist