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Lions announce joint practices with Patriots in August

Josh Alper

The Lions have a lot of ties to the Patriots and they’ll get to revisit them ahead of a preseason game between the teams this August.

The Lions announced that they will host three days of joint practices with the Patriots before the two teams play at Ford Field on August 8. Two of the practices will be open to the public while the August 5 workout will be open to Lions season ticket holders.

Lions head coach Matt Patricia and General Manager Bob Quinn both worked for the Patriots before taking their current jobs and got a win over their former employers in the regular season last year. Defensive end Trey Flowers and wide receiver Danny Amendola signed with Detroit this offseason while safety Tavon Wilson, another former Patriot, has been with the Lions since 2016.

The Patriots and Lions also hooked up for a trade this week that sent tight end Michael Roberts to New England. Linebacker Kyle Van Noy came over from Detroit in a 2016 trade, so there are a lot of players who will be visiting with former teammates in early August.