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Lions' Darius Slay takes young fan up on invitation, shows up to graduation party

Shalise Manza Young
Yahoo Sports Contributor

Whether it’s for a job opportunity, to ask someone for a date or whatever supposed outlandish idea one has, there’s a prevailing notion that one should just shoot their shot.

Because you never know what can happen.

One Michigan teenager did just that and wound up with a memorable graduation party.

Lions star surprises fan

Kam Register was scheduled to gather with family and friends on Saturday to celebrate his graduation from Howell (Michigan) High School. Howell is about an hour’s drive west of Ford Field.

On Friday, Register had the idea to send a direct message to Detroit Lions’ Darius Slay, inviting the Pro Bowler to his party. He’d interacted with Slay on Twitter once before, asking if the cornerback could attend Howell’s basketball game against their rivals.

Detroit Lions cornerback Darius Slay, left, accepted Kam Register's invitation to come to his graduation party. (Kam Register/Twitter)

This time, Slay responded to Register, “Where at, what time,” and Register gave the details.

“Might pop up never kno,” Slay wrote back.

On Monday, Register told Yahoo Sports that he could tell from Slay’s Twitter activity that he was still in the Detroit area, “but I still felt like it was a long shot.”

“I’ve always been one to take chances and at least try,” Register said.

‘He pulled up’

On Saturday, Register was sitting in his backyard when others started calling his name. He looked up and there was Slay.

“He pulled up,” Register tweeted, with a slightly blurry photo of Slay.

After a few star-struck minutes, Register forgot there was an All-Pro cornerback at his party; Slay became like his other friends and family — albeit one that posed for selfies and signed autographs.

Slay stayed for almost three hours, and gave Register a pair of signed Pro Bowl gloves. He also followed him back on Twitter.

Register will attend nearby Cleary University in the fall, with plans to major in digital advertising. And Slay tweeted to him that all he has to do is pick a game and he’ll hook him up with tickets.

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