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Water in a can: Liquid Death is cool and eco-friendly

Water has never looked so cool.

Silicon Valley startup “Liquid Death” sells water — in a can, which it says is more environmentally friendly than plastic bottles, and with branding that trades allusions to mountains and springs for designs that make the can fit in alongside alcoholic beverages.

And, the marketing tactic is gaining traction with investors. The company just completed its latest round of seed funding, raising $1.6 million for a total of $2.3 million. High-profile investors including Dollar Shave Club CEO Michael Rubin, Twitter (TWTR) co-founder Biz Stone, and Away luxury baggage company co-founder Jen Rubio.

The water brand has gained a strong following online. Liquid Death Co-founder and CEO Mike Cessario joined Yahoo Finance’s live daily show The Final Round to discuss the company’s expectation-subverting marketing campaign.

Can of Liquid Death

“You really only see unhealthy brands that do the most hilarious, memorable ad campaigns,” Cessario said. “I think if you have to think of what are the funniest, most memorable ad campaigns of the last 10 years, most people will tell you Dos Equis (HEINY), Doritos (PEP), Skittles, Snickers, and Budweiser (BUD).”

Cessario is a former Netflix (NFLX) creative director and has worked on several viral campaigns.

case of liquid death

The water company promises to not only “Murder Your Thirst”, but also to help save the planet.

“There has to be a reason to buy it. Our big reason is that people hate plastic and bottled water is the biggest beverage category now. It is 99 percent packaged in plastic — the worst container you can package it in, but people feel good about buying a can that is infinitely recyclable,” Cessario said.

Devin Southard is a producer at Yahoo Finance.

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