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How Barbie has survived for over 60 years in a 'volatile' toy industry

Melody Hahm
Senior Writer
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    I had barbies when I was growing up, never once thought she was anything but a doll. Never thought I was supposed to look like her. I guess I was smart enough to understand even at a young age it was only a doll and not real.
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    Pregnant Teen Barbie, that’s reality keeping up with the things around them,😁
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    Don't forget the divorced Barbie. Came with all of Ken's stuff.
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    My sister has a barbie from the very first factory run. She's has tons of barbies, kens and all those little gimicky sets you could get. She's 72. We had her collection appraised a few years ago at 170 grand. She doesn't collect. These are just the barbies she got growing up and hung on to em'. I once had Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris rookie cards. Who knew? Now I've made myself sad.
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    I had a hundred barbies growing up and was never once concerned about her looking like me or vice versa. It's a toy. I didn't get mad that my dinosaur toys didn't look like me either.
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    I'm a collector. i don't mind the new dolls, but I do mind how cheaply made they are nowadays. The dolls I have from when I was a kid, and even from 10-15 years ago, are such better quality than what they're making now.
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    "The classic blonde Barbie, who was known for her disproportionate body, has grown and reinvented herself into many new versions." Barbie isn't a real person. You know that right?
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    Barbie survived because of adult collectors and the fact that Mattel has nothing else.
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    Yes, Barbie will keep doing whatever they need to do to make money, because that is what they are in the business of.

    What, you thought it was about loving a child or helping them be healthy?
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    The Brain Butcher
    I bought "The Divorce Barbie" and she came with all Ken's things too.