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Little Big Town will be performing at this year's Grammy awards, but where is Maren Morris?

For the younger generation and older millennials who are struggling to get into the groove of country music and all the rhythmic glory it has to offer, The Morning Breath proposes diversifying country music’s mass consumption beyond Little Big Town and Carrie Underwood.

The 60th annual Grammy Awards will be airing at the end of the month, and musical performance confirmations are beginning to trickle in. But we’re feeling a little dismayed by the lack of country stars who make it to the big stage of one of the most watched award shows of the year.

Little Big Town has been announced to perform, for what feels like the 10th year in a row, leaving countless other rising country singers to sit back and watch. “They don’t represent country music fans like us,” says co-host Jackie about the nevertheless popular band. It’s no secret that The Morning Breath fully endorses any performance that might come from Rusty Dickerson, Brett Eldredge, or, in a perfect world, the well-deserving Maren Morris.

“Her music really does cross over — she’s with Wilhelmina Models; like she’s so mainstream,” says co-host Claudia.

And if the country genre truly is dying, as some ill-informed people might argue, isn’t it important to embrace the up-and-comers? Let’s introduce the crowd to the future of country music instead of the washed-up award hoggers.

It would be in the recording academy’s best interest to actually tune in to the music that country fans are listening to and schedule musical performances accordingly.