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Little League World Series fun facts are about memes and cute teachers

This kid loves memes as much as we do. (Screenshot via @Baer_Bill)

The Little League World Series provides young baseball players an opportunity to show off their skills in front of a large audience. While their play does most of the talking, players are also allowed to put their personalities on display with a little fun fact at the bottom of their player graphic.

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Most of these are simple and harmless. One player might reveal his favorite breakfast cereal. Another might tell the world he loves video games.

But a select few will rise above and submit a truly inspired fun fact. We’ve seen at least two of those at this year’s Little League World Series.

The first comes courtesy of Connecticut’s Leo Randazzo. Baseball players are a superstitious bunch, and will do anything if they believe it gives them good luck. This usually includes eating the same meal before every game or putting on your right sock before your left sock.

Randazzo doesn’t do anything like that. No, Randazzo brings himself good luck by … looking at memes.

That’s the most relatable thing we’ve ever seen. We look at no fewer than eight memes before every one of our posts. God bless this sweet child. We would make him the mascot of The Stew if we could.

While we admire the heck out of Randazzo, we’re not sure what to say about Ben Deibler of Vermont. Deibler used his first appearance on national television to reveal his secret crush: His teacher.

Wow. We’re afraid to say much more with this one. It certainly took guts to put that out there. He also dropped a casual “Sup, Mrs. Stevens.” It’s a bold move. As you can tell Mrs. Stevens is a married woman.

UPDATE: Well, we’ve been duped. Turns out the graphic above was photoshopped. Here’s the real one that aired on ESPN.

That makes more sense. Apologies to Deibler for that. His real fun fact is that his favorite movie is “Dumb and Dumber.” Pretty fitting, as we look pretty dumb right now.

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