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Live your best life with this portable Shiatsu massager that's on sale

Jayla Andrulonis

TL;DR: Get the muscle-soothing Belmint heated Shiatsu kneading massager for $45. Since it's usually priced at $70, you'll be saving 35% with this deal in the Mashable Shop. 

Unless you're rich, famous, or both, you probably can't afford to have a personal professional masseuse at your beck and call. But man, wouldn't that be the dream? 

Sadly for us mere mortals, that dream is completely out of reach, but you know what isn't? The Belmint heated Shiatsu kneading massager – AKA the next best thing to a personal masseuse.

This massager from Belmint features four powerful Shiatsu-inspired deep-kneading modes and a built-in heater, so you can close your eyes and pretend you're at a luxurious spa. It's meant to soothe, press, and relieve pain, tightness, and tension from your everyday life.  Read more...

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