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LIVE FROM CAIRO: Egyptian Rage Is Now Focused On The US Ambassador In Cairo

Robert Johnson and Wafaa Badry

Tahrir July 3

Wafaa Badry for Business Insider

Just past noon Wednesday in Tahrir Square

Wafaa Badry is a broadcast journalist based out of Cairo covering the incredible protests and events taking place that could end the Muslim Brotherhood's rule and Morsi's Presidency. She's in contact with Business Insider, relating events to us as they unfold on the ground in Cairo.

Saturday July 6: Fridays are the start of the Egyptian weekend and the day's afternoon prayers are often crafted to spur residents into action as they leave the mosques and spill onto the street. They're watershed stretches of time that often set the tone for the rest of the week and yesterday proved no exception.

Dozens died in clashes with the military, while  Pro-Morsi groups who officially denounce violent tactics have splintered into factions that brought a new, almost dumbfounding, brand of horror to the streets.

The " Friday of Rejection " may well have been coined the Friday of Retaliation. 

Badry says TV stations throughout the country broadcast this video from Alexandria, which allegedly shows members of the Muslim Brotherhood pushing an opposition member from a water tank onto a rooftop. As the man lay unmoving on the cement a second supporter walks up and casually bashes in his skull. 

Five police officers and a Coptic priest were also killed in the northern part of the country.

Check back for updates throughout the day.

(Live updates from Wafaa Badry below photos.)

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