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Live Gamer Re-Launches as Emergent Payments

PALO ALTO, CA--(Marketwired - Jun 2, 2015) -  Live Gamer, the pioneering provider of e-commerce solutions in the digital space, today re-launched as Emergent Payments, a global payments company that enables digital businesses of all types and sizes to accept secure payments around the world, particularly in emerging markets. According to eMarketer, global e-commerce is forecasted to reach $1.7T in 2015 driven by growth in emerging markets including Asia-Pacific, Latin America and India.

Emergent Payments is taking a fresh look at payment solutions to enable digital businesses get to market quickly in some of the world's fastest growing territories including Latin America and South East Asia, where increased broadband connectivity and connected devices have opened up new revenue opportunities. Emergent Payments handles all of the complex local compliance, VAT and cross border challenges so that businesses can focus on delivering a great service to their customers -- and allow customers to pay with whichever payment method they prefer.

"There is a significant opportunity for digital businesses in emerging markets -- which closely mirrors the success of the digital gaming industry in being able to monetize on a global basis," said Andrew Schneider, Co-Founder and President, Emergent Payments. "Seizing this opportunity, however, is often more complicated than it seems. Credit cards are not the standard form of payment in many of these markets, and accepting local payments can be a complex undertaking, given local payment preferences, tax requirements, compliance, technical integration issues and other complications. Emergent Payments is focused on removing these barriers of complexity for all manner of digital businesses, hence the new name to reflect our company focus."

"We've been working with the dedicated team at Emergent Payments for many years now, and they've solved a myriad of problems for us as we launched new applications in South East Asia," said Nicholas Wodkte, Head of Media Solutions & Product Innovation, Samsung Asia Pte. Ltd. "Emergent Payment's platform is easy to use, and helped us significantly accelerate our time to market." 

"Most global enterprises prefer to work with specialized payment service providers so they can focus on their core business," said Joost van Dreunen, CEO and Co-founder of SuperData Research. "The gaming industry adopted this strategy early on to accelerate global monetization as broadband penetration grew. Now, the opportunity for other related digital industries to do the same is clear and service providers who have experience working with game publishers and their audiences -- amongst the most demanding customers especially in emerging markets -- are well positioned to benefit from this opportunity."

Emergent Payment's flagship product is Pay+, a turn-key payments platform that easily enables digital businesses to monetize products and services globally by expanding into the world's fastest growth markets. Country-specific payment methods can account for as much as 70% of transaction volume in global markets, and there are the added complexities of local VAT calculation, collection and remittance, withholding tax, compliance and local entity requirements. Pay+ enables digital businesses to sell globally in 180 territories, using over 200 payment methods (e.g. credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, pre-paid cards, online bank transfers, mobile payments, e-wallets, cash-based transactions, crypto currencies, and more).

By supporting the most effective payment methods and handling all of the issues involved with cross-border payments, Pay + allows digital businesses to begin generating global revenue with a single merchant agreement and one point of integration. The platform is easy and flexible to integrate, and allows businesses to get to market and start generating revenue more quickly.

About Emergent Payments

Emergent Payments enables global enterprises to accept secure payments in emerging markets around the world, and has a premiere clientele of digital merchants including, Samsung, DayBreak Games Company and Wargaming.Net, among others. 

Emergent was formerly called Live Gamer, a company founded in 2007 to help game developers monetize their content globally. The Live Gamer team gained insights and expertise around developing and servicing the monetization needs of game publishers around the world and, in particular, in the complexities of handling payments in international markets. After Live Gamer's successful sale of its micro-transaction platform in 2014, the management team decided to build upon this expertise in global payments and refocus the company, bringing their learning from the games industry to a market that is substantially larger -- global digital e-commerce. In 2015, they launched Emergent Payments, a company dedicated to helping global digital enterprises to successfully navigate the complicated process of accepting payments in emerging markets.

For more information, please visit www.emergentpayments.net.