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LIVE: Netflix's 2nd Quarter Earnings

Kevin Smith

netflix house of cards

Stephen Chernin/Reuters

Cast member Robin Wright at the premiere of the Netflix's television series "House of Cards".

We're minutes away from Netflix releasing its Q2 2013 earnings.

Analyst are expecting these targets for the second quarter:

  • EPS: $0.40
  • Revenue: $1.07 billion

Those estimates compare with the following guidance offered by the company for this quarter:  

  • EPS: $0.36
  • Revenue: $832 million

This time around, the company is doing something highly unusual. It's skipping the standard analyst conference call in favor of a live talk on CNBC.

CEO Reed Hastings and CFO David Wells will host a video discussion about the company's financial results and outlook. The conversation will be moderated by analyst Rich Greenfield of BTIF Research and CNBC's Julia Boorstin. Viewers can submit questions via email or Twitter.

Analyst and investors will be paying close attention to Netflix's new domestic streaming subscribers. Last quarter, Netflix said it would hope to add between 230,000 and 880,000 new U.S. streaming subscribers in Q2, ending the quarter with approximately 30.05 million domestic subscribers. 

Today's earnings follow the company making broadcast history last week with 14 primetime Emmy Award nominations. Netflix's well-received "House of Cards" is the first show delivered strictly online to earn an Emmy nod.

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