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Livestrong Tweaks Logo To Move Past The Lance Armstrong Scandal

Laura Stampler

In an attempt to further separate itself from its infamous founder Lance Armstrong, Livestrong unveiled a subtle new logo that will hopefully rally consumers away from the doping scandal.

The old logo looked like this:

But it often came with the subtitle, "The Lance Armstrong Foundation."

But last week, EVP of operations Andy Miller revealed the new logo that emphasizes that Livestrong is a cancer fighting foundation rather than an extension of the disgraced cyclist.

Miller noted, " The change is subtle, but it is substantive. The positioning of the bars suggests forward and dynamic movement."

Armstrong officially cut all ties with his cancer-fighting organization in November to try to diminish the blow to the charity from his drugs scandal.

Livestrong itself has also tried to separate its association with Armstrong to avoid fallout, issuing a statement in January (following the famous Oprah interview) that it was "disappointed" in Armstrong but still "grateful" for his charitable work.

Do you think that the new logo helps create a new image for the brand, or is it too subtle?

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