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The Living Breath Project Launches With Revolutionary Drug-Addiction Treatment

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwired - Apr 29, 2013) - Nearly 27 million Americans are problem drug users and 1 out of 20 people take a step toward a drug-abusing lifestyle every year. The Living Breath Project ( OTCQB : DMAX ), a company dedicated to improving the lives of individuals through its emotional wellness programs, has created the answer to the growing drug addiction cases among Americans: a groundbreaking opiate- and methamphetamine-addiction therapy programs that are now available through its website, www.livingbreathproject.com.

The programs -- called Protocols -- are available for individuals to practice at home, within facilities, or as part of individual or group therapy sessions. The key to the Protocols is the exclusive Living Breath Process®, which combines self-analysis, a special three-part breath and positive reinforcement, to clear the mind of the negative unconscious language that leads to self-sabotaging behaviors.

By the end of the program, participants will have addressed the underlying causes of their addiction and can easily transition to normal lives.

"Traditional drug-rehabilitation programs have an 81% failure rate because they don't address the underlying cause of addiction," said Genie O'Malley, founder and CEO of the Living Breath Project. "Our program cleanses the trauma of addiction and creates a positive and uplifting emotional transformation."

"It's taken us 17 years to bring forth this powerful solution to the drug epidemic," continued O'Malley. "It is our global mission to change the conversation about drugs -- within addicts, by addicts and about addicts."

Also available on www.livingbreathproject.com is a Protocol that addresses post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), an emotional condition that is caused by traumatic experiences such as serving in war, serving time in jail, violence and more.

Eventually, the company plans to release additional Protocols that address society's most common emotional struggles. The products will focus on 49 key emotional areas ranging from depression, abuse, ADHD, grief and more.

The concept of the Living Breath Project was founded 17 years ago when, at the age of 27, O'Malley entered the rainforest in her native Australia in a final effort to save herself. She'd suffered from years of depression, drug use and suicidal thoughts stemming from a traumatic childhood filled with sexual and emotional abuse, and an ovarian cancer diagnosis brought O'Malley to her lowest point. It was in the rainforest that O'Malley discovered the power of the breath to heal emotional pain and developed the company's now cult favorite, the three-part breath.

Since then, O'Malley has spent the last 17 years researching and developing the company's products through multiple market tests, eventually taking the fledging company public on the OTC Markets in October 2012. Since 1997, she has provided the Living Breath Process to more than 200,000 participants and has personally evaluated more than 50,000.

For more information on the Living Breath Project, its founder and to purchase its products, please visit www.livingbreathproject.com or follow the company on its Facebook fan page, www.facebook.com/livingbreathproject.

About The Living Breath Project:
The Living Breath Project, Inc. ( OTCQB : DMAX ) is a wellness and lifestyle company that provides services known as the Living Breath Process®. This integrated and proprietary process, founded and pioneered by the company's CEO Genie O'Malley, provides customers with therapies, as well as a medical support network, that utilizes the company's innovative three-part breath aimed at improving emotional wellness and, ultimately, quality of life. The Living Breath Project's products -- sold on www.livingbreathproject.com -- focus on 49 key emotional areas, collectively named the Living Breath Protocols, ranging from addiction, to depression, to post-traumatic stress, and many more.