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Lizhi Inc., the largest online UGC audio community in China, donated RMB 1 Million to support fight against COVID-19

GUANGZHOU, China, Feb. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The outbreak of the COVID-19 has put China's real economy in a state of standstill. Deloitte sees the outbreak as a black swan event which may have serious consequences for China's economy. However, opportunities are often hidden behind a crisis. SARS in 2003 gave birth to the traditional Internet e-commerce. Although COVID-19 has curbed the growth of the offline economy, the online economy such as online entertainment, online education, online shopping and Live-office will be further developed.

In the short term, affected by the outbreak of epidemic, users prefer to stay at home, which brings opportunities for development of online entertainment. And in the long term, entertainment and consumption behaviors are habitual, so a large proportion of users will remain after the epidemic. Lizhi Inc. (LIZI.US), the largest online UGC audio community in China, seized the opportunity and conducted quick actions operating new activities for users who stay at home. As a result, the operation data, such as average time spent per active user, the number of active users and active content creators, was significantly improved.

Benefitting from the prospective layout of AI, Lizhi Inc. performed well in content production, distribution and consumption during the epidemic. Lizhi Inc. can quickly and accurately distribute customized content for users, which helps to build a global audio community across different cultures.

As a Chinese enterprise, Lizhi Inc. has responded to the outbreak both online and offline. Recently, it donated RMB 1 million to support medical workers to battle the novel COVID-19 epidemic and promised to give away all its proceeds generated from the "gifts of love" sales on Lizhi Inc. APP to back up the fight. 

In terms of operation, Lizhi Inc. has launched a special column called "Fight the COVID-19 Hand in Hand" on the homepage of its APP. It has also offered to work in concert with the public media and authoritative medical institutions like Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital and the Third Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, with a view to providing the truest and most vivid voices from the front-line areas, the heartwarming deeds of medical workers, as well as authoritative, diverting knowledge about epidemic prevention.

Meanwhile, Lizhi Inc. has organized a charity gift sale on the theme of "warming your hearts with my love". Currently, it has released three special virtual gifts for users to tip anchors, through which they can receive the official "Little Angel of Love" certificate. All gift proceeds will be used to purchase protective supplies for front-line medical workers.

Moreover, in accordance with the overall situation of "epidemic fighting" and features of the platform, Lizhi Inc. has initiated the "Spring Festival Companion" program that covers a wide variety of activities, in which artists and anchors chat, sing and talk with users online to ease their pressure, while medical experts and psychological counselors are invited to address doubts and confusion of the audience.

Lizhi Inc. will keep a close eye on the needs of both its users and the society and do all it can to help with the fight against the COVID-19.


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