Local Records Office Highlights Considerations Homebuyers Should Make Before Starting a House Hunt

Buying a Home Is About More Than Just Price and Local Records Office Highlights Other Things Homebuyers Should Consider

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - May 15, 2013) - Local Records Office is committed to providing homebuyers will all the facts about their potential home and its neighborhood. In response to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune, the company identifies additional issues homebuyers should consider.

There are a lot of things buyers should consider before signing on the dotted line. It is about more than just looking around and falling in love. Unfortunately many people don't stop to consider how the home truly fits into their lives. The article features an interview with Marianne Cusato, a Miami architect. She is the designer of the original Katrina cottage. It is a 300-foot home kit to provide temporary shelter for those who were displaced by Hurricane Katrina. Builder magazine also named her one of the most influential people in housing. Her new book, "The Just Right Home," emphasizes the importance of homebuyers looking at the big picture.

Cusato points out that the housing market has changed. During the housing boom, people bought and sold homes without a second thought. "You know, during the housing boom," she says, "it didn't really matter if you made a mistake about a house, about how it may have turned out not to meet your needs. It didn't matter, because you could always just sell it and move somewhere else." Today, people are forced to put a lot more thought into their purchase. She wants to empower people to make the right decisions for their families.

She stresses that proximity is more important than location. Location is just a place, but proximity is how close someone is to what they need. Commute time to work, distance to stores, and availability of entertainment are all important factors. Americans are spending more time in their cars than ever. It is nice to have resources close enough to walk to.

Cost of utilities is another factor that many people overlook. It used to rank toward the top of list but has somehow slipped down. How much is it going to cost to heat, cool, and maintain the house? When people could just turn around and sell their house, it didn't much matter. Now that they are making more long-term commitments, it is a big factor. Homeowners are staying in their houses for longer periods of time. The cost of utilities and maintenance can add up over the years. It is important to consider this in a budget.

Local Records Office offers even more insight. "All homebuyers, especially first time buyers, should take into consideration the neighborhood," says Roberto Romero, a representative of the company. "Unfamiliar neighborhoods pose a risk. One of the most important points is safety. Local Records Office recommends looking into the crime rate of the area. Find out specific statistics for where you are considering buying or living."

Romero also notes that families should think about their children. "In addition to safety, take into consideration the private and public school reports," he recommends. There are websites dedicated to providing information about school districts within the state. The company emphasizes the importance of considering all of these issues before buying a home. Take time to research, or let Local Records Office take care of it instead.


Local Records Office is company committed to providing clients with essential information about their potential home. They conduct in-depth research on many important factors. Clients can receive information about local schools, crime rates, demographics, neighbors, foreclosure activity, and other details. They want buyers to have all pertinent information available before making their final decision.