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Local Records Office Urges Homebuyers to Consider Their Lifestyles When Choosing a Community

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwired - May 20, 2013) - Homebuyers should consider how their lifestyles fit into different neighborhoods, and Local Records Office provides them with help. An article in The Boston Globe emphasized the consideration of many factors when buying a home. The company shares how it can help clients consider these factors and more before making a decision.

The article relays the stresses of choosing a home. What towns are best? How are the schools? Are there retailers and restaurants within walking distance? Is it affordable? For some people, the thought of making so many decisions is overwhelming. In response, the Globe developed an online tool to help. Dreamtown Finder allows users to search by a wide variety of factors. They can rate how important different things are in their decision.

According to the article, "Everyone has a different set of criteria, of course, but the factors available in the tool include schools (SAT scores), people similar to you (age, education), fun (movie theaters, restaurants), hipster (number of colleges, Starbucks, hybrid cars), location (crime, public transit, grocery stores), and housing costs (assessed values)." These are all factors that contribute to choosing the right community. After the user has input their criteria, the program produces a list of matching communities.

Stacy Cooper has always known that Salem is where she was meant to live. She has rented a home there for the past 15 years and is now looking to buy. She has a seven-year-old son and loves the feeling she gets living there. Walking down the street, she likes seeing people she knows who also know her. There are museums, movie theaters and other welcoming attractions. She decided to use Dreamtown Finder to see what it would reveal.

Cooper's ideal home is something small: a house or condo in need of minimal repair. She doesn't mind some fixing up, but doesn't want a money pit. It needs to stay in her price range and provide a good school for her son. After inputting her information, the program returned a list of suggestions. Cambridge, Newburyport, Westborough, and Salem were the top four. She was glad to see that Salem made the cut.

Others who tried the system found similar results. As the importance of different criteria changed, so did the suggested locations. Recent college graduates, retired couples, and young families all yielded different locations. This goes to show that interests and lifestyle play a role in choosing the right community.

Roberto Romero, a spokesman from Local Records Company, reported, "Our company knows the needs and concerns of parents when it comes to moving to a new neighborhood. That is why we offer a very wide and detailed report about the schools in the area of interest." He also emphasizes the importance of crime rate and demographics. All of these factors should play a role in the decision making process.

Once a homebuyer has found a property they are interested in, Local Records Office helps them with the research. They provide detailed information about the area and features that will impact the buyer's choice. This cuts down on the time and money that clients would spend doing the research and compiling reports on their own. Local Records Office streamlines the process and helps buyers find a home in an area they will love.


Local Records Office has helped homebuyers find the information they need since 2008. They compile information and reports from a wide variety of public databases. Clients can find out about the safety, foreclosure rates, neighborhoods, and schools in any area they are interested in.