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LockPath Debuts Keylight 4.0

OVERLAND PARK, KS--(Marketwired - Apr 14, 2014) -  LockPath, the leader in innovative governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) solutions announced today the release of Keylight 4.0, the industry's most sophisticated solutions for streamlining compliance, risk and audit programs. The latest release introduces new dashboard, reporting and analytics capabilities to give customers extensive visibility into their compliance and information security data.

"Data is essential to the decision making process and decisions made with inaccurate or incomplete data can have large financial implications on an organization," said Chris Caldwell, CEO of LockPath. "With this release, our focus is on ensuring our customers have access and insights into cross-organizational data they need, when they need it."

Keylight 4.0 brings new chart and dashboard options to the reporting system. Customers can now leverage layered charts; a visual representation of multiple datasets to provide both high-level and granular views of data findings in one interactive report. Multiple interactive dashboards can also be created for each application giving team individuals access to unique data for their areas of expertise.

"The ability to present informative data to the right people is a common challenge among information security risk management programs," said Bob Bennett of NaviLogic. "The new reporting and dashboard features within Keylight 4.0 will make it easier to present risk and security data to executives. By layering data on a single chart, senior management will have quick access to both the high-level overviews of risk management programs, and the raw data to gain further insights and to back key business decisions."

Keylight 4.0 also introduces the Keylight Analytics Engine; a new offering to augment data analysis capabilities. Available for purchase, the Keylight Analytics Engine works with Keylight's current reporting system to generate statistical trend analyses, aggregate data from multiple sources, and create reports on a predefined frequency. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) can also be tracked, reported on, and routed through workflow. These features allow for a thorough and automated continuous monitoring process on both the compliance and information security sides of the business.

"What we are offering is a new way to use organizational risk data," said Chris Goodwin, Chief Technology Officer of LockPath. "Being able to analyze large amounts of data, identify trends and forecast based on those trends will have a huge impact on risk and vulnerability mitigation, and will ultimately help to drive intelligence-based risk management and security practices."

In addition to these new analytics capabilities, Keylight 4.0 includes new architectural and visual updates, enhancements to the assessments engine, and new vendor awareness event capabilities via the Keylight API.

"LockPath continues to bring innovative solutions to the GRC market" said Bill Carver, Director of Governance, Risk & Compliance at FishNet Security. "Keylight 4.0's expanded analytics offerings provide valuable insights into risk and security program data and helps to support risk identification, mitigation efforts and business processes in one integrated system. Given the expertise of our dedicated GRC practice, we look forward to delivering these new capabilities to our clients."

For more information about LockPath or Keylight 4.0, please visit lockpath.com or call 913-601-4800.

About LockPath
LockPath brings a flexible, pragmatic approach to governance, risk management, compliance and security programs. Its solutions help organizations gain a deeper understanding of their security and risk posture while reducing their audit fatigue by aligning people with their processes and the enabling technology. LockPath provides the platform to efficiently manage and harvest meaningful data from GRC activities, including regulatory compliance, policy life cycle, information security risk data, incidents, disaster recovery plans, third party assessments and internal audits. LockPath is headquartered in Kansas City. Visit lockpath.com to learn more.