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Long Island SEO Company, fishbat, Discusses the Importance of Strengthening Cyber Security for Your Company in 2019

NEW YORK, April 12, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- In the digital business world, there is a war raging that has been going on since the very first password login: Cyber security versus Hackers. From the moment computers were something you could store data in, there have been hackers trying to crack the codes and steal the data. Company secrets, financial records, or even your employee's social security numbers are all a hacker needs to start causing real problems. Long Island SEO Company, fishbat, discusses the importance of strengthening cyber security for your company in 2019.


Protect Your Customers from Credit Fraud

Do you know what a hacker can do with a single stolen credit card number? After a hacker has cracked your business database, they can commit financial fraud themselves or sell the numbers on the digital black market. Credit card numbers are practically currency in black-hat circles, and no company is too small to target. In fact, smaller companies are often lucrative targets because they are less likely to have top-notch cyber security.

If you handle credit cards for customers (and what modern business only takes cash?), then you have a very good reason to tighten up your cyber security this year. Hackers are out for blood, and they follow the scent of credit cards.

Protect Your Employees from Identity Theft

Of course, your customers aren't the only ones at risk if your company computers, website, or mobile app is breached. Your HR files include reams of detailed personal information about employees, from their birthdates and home addresses to their social security numbers. In other words, everything a hacker needs to steal an identity all wrapped up neatly in an identity theft starter pack for each employee.

If a hacker gets ahold of your HR documents, your employees are at incredible risk of a variety of identity theft crimes. Opening credit cards in their names, or worse, committing further crimes using the identities of employees can very realistically ruin lives. Keep your loyal staff safe by making sure their files are encrypted and protected under a virtual lock-and-key.

Protect Your Website Accounts from Hijacking

If your website gets compromised, this leads to yet another type of dilemma for your customers and online account holders: account hijacking.

Hijacking occurs when a hacker manages to give themselves access to a user's account and then subsequently locks the user out. This is usually started by stealing someone's email address and using that to change their passwords on other sites, but it can also be done through the website directly. If a hacker gains even a portion of unauthorized account access, they may use this to actively steal and then mishandle the accounts of your customers.

Protect Your Network from Ransomware

Not only should you be worried about spyware that steals data and crypto jacking which steals processor resources, but you should also remember that ransomware has not yet fallen out of fashion.

Hackers love the idea of a system-wide hack that forces companies to pay them in real currency. When else can they get directly paid by their victims? Therefore, ransomware has become more common and is being used on smaller and smaller companies. If a hacker manages to infiltrate one of your workstations and then spread throughout the internal network, you could be trying out your backup recovery solution sooner than you thought.

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