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A look at economies of Latvia, eurozone

The Associated Press

Latvia has received preliminary approval to become the 18th member of the euro currency bloc.

Here's a look at key economic and demographic statistics for Latvia and the current 17-country eurozone.

Eurozone Latvia
Population 332 million 2 million
Gross domestic product (2012) 9.5 trillion euros ($12.41 trillion) 22.3 billion euros ($29.14 billion)
Public debt (percent of annual GDP) 91 percent 41 percent
Budget deficit (percent of annual GDP) 3.7 percent 1.2 percent
Unemployment 12.2 percent (April) 12.4 percent (Q1 2013)
Average yearly net earnings (2010) 20,882 euros ($27,287) 5,096 euros ($6,659)

Source: Eurostat