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A look at US airline rankings

The Associated Press

US Airways has gained the support of unions at American Airlines for a possible merger of the airlines. While the deal is far from a sure thing, here is a look at how much money the U.S. airlines took in last year, how many miles they flew their passengers and where a combined American and US Airways might measure up.

Airline Revenue Passenger Miles (billions) Operating Revenue (billions)
Combined American/US Airways 207.7 $37.0
United Airlines 207.5 $37.1
Delta Air Lines 192.8 $35.1
American Airlines 136.4 $24.0
Southwest Airlines 97.6 $15.7
US Airways 71.3 $13.1
JetBlue Airways 30.7 $4.5
Alaska Airlines 25.0 $4.3
Frontier Airlines 12.9 $1.7
Hawaiian Airlines 10.1 $1.7
Spirit Airlines 8.0 $1.1
Virgin America* 7.3 $1.0
Allegiant Air 5.6 $0.8

Sources: SEC filings, company press releases

x Virgin America's figures are an AP estimate off company press releases