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Looking for some unique trading opportunities?

Umair Malik
Yahoo Finance Premium

Looking for some unique trading opportunities? Check out our featured ideas exclusive to Yahoo Finance Premium subscribers.

Looking for investing and trading opportunities can be a long process. With so many ideas and strategies out there it can be very confusing and time consuming. Every morning I start my trading day by scanning the featured ideas on the Yahoo Finance Premium dashboard.

Whether you are bullish or bearish, featured ideas delivers interesting trading ideas based on technical and fundamental analysis. These ideas are supported by backtested strategies.

Right from your Yahoo Finance Premium dashboard, you can see actionable bullish and bearish trading ideas.

Investment Ideas

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Investment Ideas

I selected Game Stop Corp (GME) which is showing a 17.59% upside target. Let’s find out why.

Idea Preview

We instantly get key details as to why the expected move is approximately 18%. Prices have confirmed an upside breakout which yields a measured move target towards $7.610. By clicking on “View in chart” we can see more details of the featured idea.

Upside Breakout

We can see the upside breakout confirmation embedded on stock charts. On the right side of the chart, we get a detailed description of what the event means and how it should be interpreted.

Curious about how GameStop became a featured idea? The following strategy criterion was used: 

“Simple patterned growth, small cap (USA) Strategy” 

  • Bullish classic patterns: UPSIDE BREAKOUT

  • Market Capitalization: 300M or higher

  • Bullish indicators and Oscillators: Moving Average

  • Volume 90-Day Average: 20,000 or higher

A mock portfolio following this strategy yielded a 10% annualized return over the last 5 years as per below. 

Strategy historical return

I encourage you to explore the Yahoo Finance Premium dashboard and discover interesting trade ideas you never knew existed.

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