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Lorica International Awarded Fourth Patent for DYSP Manufacturing Process

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwired - January 13, 2015) - Lorica International, a developer of innovative materials and manufacturing methods in technical textiles and yarns, has been granted U.S. patent 8,850,794 for its Direct Yarn Spinning Process (DYSP), a disruptive technology that enables the production of 100% Oxidized Polyacrylonitrile Fiber (OPF) yarn.

This new patent complements other issued patents surrounding the Company's DYSP technology and OPF yarn, covering input products for yarn machines to draft and spin the yarn, processes used in factories for manufacturing the yarn and the final yarn product. The new patent brings Lorica's total worldwide patent portfolio to four issued U.S. patents, two issued international patents (Japan & Taiwan), and additional pending patent applications that expand the scope of protection for the machine and processes. Lorica has retained a leading IP strategy and services firm to facilitate the further strategic development of its patent portfolio. 

"We are pleased to receive our fourth patent, which significantly adds to our competitive position in the marketplace," said Mark Zwerenz, CEO of Lorica International. "Building a strong intellectual property portfolio is essential to our success as we execute upon our strategic growth initiatives. Other key milestones, such as the introduction of new fabrics and yarns, as well as additional market certifications, will help us prepare for our first commercial product sales in early 2015."

Lorica's DYSP technology enables the production of 100% OPF yarn, which can be consistently manufactured into fabrics as easily as cotton. The fabric is comfortable, non-conductive and inherently flash and arc-fire resistant. Lorica's patented, disruptive technology results in the world's only comfortably wearable fabric made exclusively from an inherently protective material that does not burn, melt or ignite when exposed to flame or electrical arc.

According to Transparency Market Research, global sales of fire-resistant (FR) fabrics are estimated at $3.3 billion for 2014, and growing to $5 billion by 2020 in market segments including industrial protective clothing, military, law enforcement, firefighting and transport. Lorica's fabrics will initially target these markets, with additional multi-billion dollar industrial FR applications in aerospace, automotive, healthcare, building materials and home furnishings, lithium ion batteries and thermal insulation for hoses and cables.

About Lorica International
Lorica develops innovative materials and manufacturing methods in technical textiles and yarns. The company's flagship products are 100% OPF yarns and fabrics. Lorica pushes the boundaries of textile technology to address the critical and growing need for light-weight, comfortable, inherently fire-resistant and non-conductive materials for both apparel and industrial applications.