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Los Angeles Drug And Alcohol Policy Alliance (L.A. DAPA) Press Event: Data Reveals City-Wide Affliction With Alcohol Outlet Density Correlating To Higher Crime

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 21, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- The Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol Policy Alliance (L.A. DAPA) will host a Press Event to reveal a newly developed resource to assess the correlation between alcohol overconcentration and crime. Policy makers for all 15 City Council Districts will now have the means to observe, identify, and act upon hard data to reduce the alcohol-related harm long-endured in their Los Angeles communities. L.A. DAPA is confident this new data resource will help the City Council pass an Alcohol Restricted Use Subdistrict (ARUS) Ordinance.

Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol Policy Alliance logo (PRNewsfoto/Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol Po)

When: Tuesday October 22, 2019, 9:00 a.m.
Where: Los Angeles City Hall - Los Angeles, CA 90012 (1st Street Steps)


  • Councilmembers need to understand the harm their constituencies face
  • An excess of alcohol availability threatens community safety/welfare
  • Elected officials have become too dependent on alcohol revenue
  • Action needs to be taken to improve our communities/reduce alcohol over-concentration and related harm
  • Legislation (ARUS) is required to addresses these issues that some city officials have chosen to ignore

L.A. DAPA Member Organization

Alcohol Justice 

Pueblo Y Salud

Behavioral Health Services Inc.

Spa-2 Communities in Action

Children's Hospital Los Angeles

Social Model Recovery Services


Tarzana Treatment Centers

Institute for Public Strategies

United Coalition East Prevention Project

Koreatown Youth and Community Center

The Wall Las Memorias Project

P3 Partnership for a Positive Pomona

Women Against Gun Violence

Paso Por Paso Inc.

Women's Christian Temperance Union



Cynthia Nickerson, 323-675-8785

Mayra Jiménez 323 683-4687     



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SOURCE Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol Policy Alliance