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“Lose Weight Fast” is a New eBook That Teaches Readers Weight Loss Secrets of Professional Athletes

Justin Arndt’s eBook Focuses on Helping Readers Lose Weight Quickly Without Sacrificing Performance

LANCASTER, PA / ACCESSWIRE / October 7, 2015 / Justin Arndt, a professional fitness writer and consultant who has contributed to a wide range of publications across the Internet, recently announced that his new eBook, "Lose Weight Fast," is now available for pre-order through iTunes. The book, which is scheduled for launch on December 1, 2015, takes readers into the world of professional athletes and teaches them how to lose weight rapidly without compromising their performance.

According to an article available on the book's iTunes page, fighters in the MMA industry lose and maintain their weight because they use consistent methods. MMA athletes are able to lose weight fast because they avoid yo-yo dieting, unnecessary supplements, and pharmaceuticals, instead choosing to rely on tried-and-true methods that have worked for years. Professional athletes, such as boxers, are in some of the most in-shape people in the world, and their success is due to the fact that they have learned the right weight-loss techniques and the best ways to implement them.

"Lose Weight Fast" is a guide that contains actual techniques used by MMA fighters around the world. The book helps its readers understand which exercises burn the most calories, allowing them to get the most of their workouts by using their maximum potential and burning every single calorie they can. Additionally, "Lose Weight Fast" contains tips for strengthening the core and TVA, resulting in smaller and more compact midsections.

"Fighters in this industry lose weight fast because they know how exactly how the body works and what steps to be taken," said Arndt. "They are always gaining and losing, but MMA fighters and boxers are able to control their weight--even allowing for the variables that can make diet and exercise results unpredictable. They have learned the right techniques and they have the experience to use them."

"Lose Weight Fast" will be available on all Apple devices.

Individuals interested in learning more about Arndt and his debut eBook, "Lose Weight Fast," can visit the book's iTunes page for additional information.

About Justin Arndt:

Justin Arndt is a professional fitness writer and consultant. He has written a wide range of articles for a multitude of websites and publications across the web. "Lose Weight Fast," which makes its debut on December 1, 2015, is his first eBook. For more information, please visit https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/lose-weight-fast/id1046053852?mt=11.


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