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After losing to Baylor staffer in race, robotic tackling dummy gets revenge (Video)

(Screen shot via Twitter/@CoachMattRhule)

Baylor associate athletic director Sean Padden raced the tackling dummy after practice Friday and scored an easy victory. But he paid the price afterward.

Look at that hit. Great form. Thankfully Padden bounced right back up and was able to give a post-race interview from victory lane.

Dartmouth students designed a mobile robot tackling dummy in 2015 to help lessen the contact between players in practices. Since Dartmouth tried it out, more and more teams have been using the concept. The dummy moves via a joystick controlled by a coach, so it can zig and zag to help players simulate real tackling as much as possible.

And it means that it was someone else who was unhappy about the loss and not the robot.

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