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There are already lots of mixed reactions to Budweiser's plan to rebrand as 'America'

Will Heilpern
budweiser america

Budweiser's new can.

We reported earlier on Tuesday that Budweiser had plans to erase its own name from its packaging and replace it with "America."

Now, Tosh Hall, the creative director at Budweiser's branding firm, JKR, appears to have confirmed the move.

He told Co.Design that the cans and bottles will run right up to the presidential election in November.

"We thought nothing was more iconic than Budweiser and nothing was more iconic than America," Hall said.

The new label will also give increased prominence to the Latin phrase which appears on the American seal, "E pluribus unum," Latin for "One out of many," and other patriotic touches.

The marketing move ties in with the Olympics this summer, where Budweiser is the official sponsor of Team USA.

Many people on Twitter already hate the idea:

We ran the word "Budweiser" through the free real-time sentiment-analysis engine Streamcrab, and it appears to suggests that most of the tweets relating to the brand were negative on Tuesday, when the news about the name change blew up:

Screen Shot 2016 05 10 at 5.32.22 PM


We did find people who appear to like the new cans and bottles:

Others just saw the funny side:

Budweiser was not immediately available for comment on the social-media reactions.

See the full "America" bottle label below:

Budweiser America label

(Alcohol Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau)

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