LOUD Condemns Former President Trump's Ideologies Against Transgender Community

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DALLAS, March 23, 2023--(BUSINESS WIRE)--The recent comments made by former President Donald Trump regarding a bill that would determine a person’s gender assignment only at birth have been met with widespread criticism and opposition from the transgender community and its allies. For decades, the transgender community has been fighting for recognition and acceptance. This newly proposed bill not only puts their basic human rights in jeopardy, but also is a cruel and misguided attempt to erase the experiences and identities of transgender individuals.

Being of the transgender experience today means facing enormous challenges, including discrimination and marginalization. This proposed Texas legislation will only exacerbate these problems and perpetuate the harmful and misinformed ideologies that have been used to justify heinous acts of violence. L.O.U.D. stands in solidarity with the transgender community in condemning this proposal and in advocating for a world where everyone is free to live their lives authentically and without fear of retaliation. We call on all supporters of equality and justice to speak out and to continue the fight for a more inclusive and just society.

About LOUD: Latino Outreach and Understanding Division (LOUD) is a volunteer-driven event marketing social organization powered by AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF). LOUD works to build healthier and more empowered Latino/a/e communities by educating, motivating, and advocating for Latinos across the United States.

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