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LOUD Opposes Separation of Children at Southern Border; Supports Repeal of Immigration Code #1325


Group notes devastating, potentially lifelong impact on children, particularly Latinos, the population LOUD serves, and urges overhaul of government response as well as stepped up action by NGOs and others.

The Latino Outreach and Understanding Division (LOUD), an affinity group of AHF, is issuing the following statement about the humanitarian crisis of separation of children and families at the southern border of the United States:

“The history of the United States has many instances which parallel the actions of the Trump administration regarding the separation of children from their families: African Americans, Japanese Americans, and Native Americans, and now Latin American immigrants have in common this insane experience. LOUD – the Latino affinity group of AHF (AIDS Healthcare Foundation) - decries this insensitive and inhumane policy.

LOUD supports the repeal of Section 1325 of the U.S. Department of Justice’s Immigration Code that makes anyone who is undocumented and crosses the border a criminal charged with a felony. Section 1325 allows felons to be deprived of their children in the eyes of the law. Rather than a felony, it should be a misdemeanor. As it stands, Section 1325 allows ICE and the Border Patrol to legally separate children from their parents. This practice can be stopped by the stroke of a pen if Congress gets to work and repeals Section 1325.”

AHF and LOUD reaffirm their commitment to continue providing assistance and support to the Latino communities and their children and families.


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