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Louisiana mother's warning about her son’s mouth and nail biting goes viral

Aris Folley, AOL.com

A Louisiana mother's video has gone viral after she shared a look at the inside of her son's mouth online.

Sara Guidry posted to her Facebook page that she noticed something "odd" and "white" poking out of her son Kale's mouth earlier this year.

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"I get a tweezer and pull it. It looked like a finger nail. I continued to pull 4 more out," Guidry wrote on Facebook. "I then search his mouth and find another area. I pulled around 27 out of the second spot. YES 27!"

Guidry said her son's dentist had never seen anything like it.

"We figured out that Kale bites his nails and plays with them in his mouth. He pushes them up towards his pallet," She continued in her post. "The nail penetrates the skin and goes into a pocket between the baby teeth and permanent teeth. Don't let your children bite their nails!"

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The post has since gone viral, amassing over 235,000 shares and nearly 100,000 comments.

While biting your nails is not usually dangerous, it has been known to lead to skin infections, warts and dental issues, as Guidry pointed out.