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Love Island fans think Mike Boeteng is about to make a move on Sophie Piper

Dusty Baxter-Wright
Photo credit: ITV

From Cosmopolitan

They say a day in the Love Island villa is like a year in normal life (side note: do they say that?), which might explain the drama that unfolded during last night's episode. ICYMI, Leanne Amaning called things off with Mike Boeteng after being coupled up for two weeks, explaining that she wasn't being true to herself by staying with him.

After telling the girls she "had the ick", Leanne pulled Mike for a chat and confessed her true feelings. "It's been two weeks and I feel like I should have stronger feelings than I do,' she told him. "How much more time can I give it before I just have to admit that maybe it's not banging? I've been getting to know you, and it just so happens that I don't like you.

"I don't think you should be angry at me for mixed singles or anything, I've literally tried."

Photo credit: ITV

Mike could then be seen telling The Beach Hut, "It's always difficult when you do genuinely like someone and it doesn't work out. But you know, you just have to kind of take it on the chin and move [on]."

And while Love Island fans were so gutted about the split that "Poor Mike" started trending on Twitter, it looks like all is not lost for the 24-year-old police officer.

In a teaser for Wednesday's episode, he's seemingly trying his luck with now single Sophie Piper, who is no longer in a couple following Connor Durman's exit.

Photo credit: ITV

Sophie tells Mike, "Just because you two didn't work, it doesn't mean it can't work with someone else who comes in." Mike replies, "Why someone who comes in? Why not someone who's already here?"

OMG. Fans on Twitter were obviously LIVING for the teaser, with one tweeting, "#LoveIsland is really warming up Mike wasting no time in insinuating he's interested in Sophie," and another adding, "How sh** omg Mike and Sophie?!! AHHHHHH! That’s feels so weird lollll #loveisland."

Some of the best reactions included:

Others are comparing it to a moment in Love Island 2019, when Maura Higgins confessed her feelings for Curtis Pritchard very quickly after his breakup from Amy Hart.

This is the drama we live for.

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