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Lovingly Innovates a Simple Security Test for Online Florists

With Google planning to display a glaring security warning on insecure e-commerce websites, Lovingly is providing a simple test for florists uncertain about their status

FISHKILL, N.Y., Nov. 2, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 27, Google announced that it would be ramping up its efforts to help users browse the web safely. The industry giant plans to display stark warnings on the homepages of e-commerce websites it considers insecure.

Lovingly Secure Website Checker

Lovingly's own industry research identified that the majority of online floral consumers are vulnerable, while other industries are converting to HTTPS encryption in huge numbers. As part of the company's campaign to increase awareness, a simple test any florist can use to ascertain their status has been developed.

"A florist is a person who has turned an artistic sensibility into a craft; and from there, into a business," says Lovingly co-founder and managing partner, Joe Vega. "That takes years of dedication. You can't expect a craftsperson to suddenly become a tech expert, too."

"Many florists think consumers are safe if there is a secure checkout," agrees fellow co-founder and managing partner, Ken Garland, "but they're not. Lovingly invites all online florists to take this test. We quickly analyze the website and provide a report. It's completely free."

"Our tech and marketing expertise is the reason our partners are protected," adds Joe. "We provide HTTPS encrypted security as part of the service. Unfortunately, the vast majority of florists in the U.S. are still vulnerable."

"Our campaign has helped raise the number of protected florists across the U.S. to 9 percent," Ken explains. "Last month, it was under 2 percent. That's a great result. Still, more is needed, so we created the test. Florists type their website address into a blank field and click a button. Easy."

"We've been in this business for over 10 years," smiles Joe. "We understand how busy florists are. That's why we made our Website Status Checker so straightforward. It takes just a moment to start securing your future."

"We want florists to be creative, successful and secure," agrees Ken, "so that consumers are safe and enjoy great experiences. This way, the industry thrives."

About Lovingly: Lovingly was founded over ten years ago and has introduced many firsts to the online floral industry. Originally known as UFN, Lovingly gains maximum exposure for florist websites through search engine marketing and increased orders through effective online store design.

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