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LPGA golfer Madelene Sagström nails caddie in the head with trick shot

Madelene Sagstrom owes her caddie a few favors after this trick shot gone wrong. (AP Photo)

Here’s a quick tip about trick shots in golf: if your caddie has to look away for you to attempt it, you probably need more practice.

Such was the case for the LPGA’s Madelene Sagström this weekend. The Swedish pro was filming her attempts at Phil Mickelson’s famous flop shot when she asked her caddie to turn around as she tried to lob the ball over his head from about four feet away.

It did not go well. Turn the sound on to experience a fairly cartoonish thumping noise.

That is either a very trusting caddie or someone who is angling for a raise. He’s also someone who needs a helmet the next time he hits the links with Sagström.

The flop shot is definitely harder when you’re going uphill, to say nothing of the ball resting in grass that could use some groundskeeping. Mickelson goes over all the little details that make this shot work in an old video.

Perhaps Sagström should give it another watch.

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