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LPL apply a group draw format similar to that of EU LCS for 2017 Summer

Team WE win the 2017 LPL Spring championship (LPL QQ website)

The Chinese League of Legends Pro League introduced the two group league format to LoL in 2016 Spring with a random draw system. Today, the official LPL website has announced that they will modify the group draw format to one where teams choose representatives for the opposing group, similar to that of the EU LCS.

Previously, the LPL divided teams into pools and had broadcast representatives draw teams randomly from each pool to go into a group. According to the new announcement, the LPL will retain the pool setup, but instead of using a random draw, representatives from each team will choose which lower seeded teams go into the opposing group.

For 2017 Summer, the pools are based on playoffs placement:

Pool 1: Team WE, Royal Never Give Up
Pool 2: EDward Gaming, Oh My God, I May, Newbee Gaming
Pool 3: JingDong Gaming, Invictus Gaming, Snake eSports, LGD Gaming
Pool 4: Suning Gaming, DAN Gaming

Because they won the LPL, Team WE will automatically be placed into Group A, and Royal Never Give Up will be in Group B. Team WE’s representative will first choose a team from Pool 2 for Group B, and RNG will then choose from the remaining three Pool 2 teams to join WE in Group A.

The next team to choose an opponent is based on which team placed higher in LPL playoffs. For example, if WE choose OMG, and RNG choose Newbee, OMG will get to choose a team for Group A first, as they advanced to semifinals, and Newbee lost in quarterfinals. In this case, OMG can still only choose from Pool 2, and the final Pool 2 team will be placed in their group. Teams then begin choosing from Pool 3 by Playoffs seed.

This draw format is incredibly similar to that of the EU LCS, except that the LPL have retained the pool draw restrictions they had in the past. According to the announcement, the draw will be held live on May 30th at 7:30PM China time at Zhengda Plaza in Shanghai. It will be broadcast online from the official LPL QQ platform.

While most leagues will be resuming for the summer split this week, LPL will start a week later to accommodate the currently ongoing Demacia Cup tournament between LPL, LSPL, and TGA teams.

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