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LSU builds new on-campus pool in the shape of the school logo

LSU’s new pool stretches 536 feet in length and shows off the school’s initials. (Photo tweeted by LSU)

The summers can be hot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but alas, Louisiana State University has a solution for students craving a way to cool off from the shining sun. The school recently completed construction on a new aquatic attraction, a 536-foot pool, spelling out the school’s initials.

The project was part of an $84.75 million “leisure project” by the university and was paid for by student activity fees. The pool is 3.5 feet deep all the way across and is accompanied by two bubbler lounges.

The pool deck also shows off LSU Tiger pride as the concrete has “sandblasted etching of tiger stripes.” 

Ryan Cade, a recent graduate of LSU and a four-year member of the swim team, told Yahoo Sports that the new pool adds to school pride because “not a lot of other schools can say they have a pool shaped in university letters.” 

Although Cade said he has not been in the pool yet, he would love the opportunity to try it out and said he enjoyed watching the project come to life.

But Cade isn’t the only one excited. Other LSU athletes and alumni have also chimed in with their support of the new facility.

Not everyone has been happy about the pool, however, particularly in regards to the cost of the new attraction and the school’s spending choices. Students have also complained about the use of their student fees on the pool.

While the debates will likely continue over which projects may be worth spending such large sums of money, the fact that the pool exists will no doubt be a selling point for future Tigers.