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LSU's new offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger rails against newspapers and social media

Steve Ensminger is going to the extreme, blocking out what newspapers say about his performance as Offensive Coordinator.

LSU’s promotion of tight end coach Steve Ensminger to offensive coordinator has been a foregone conclusion since the Tigers finalized their settlement with his predecessor Matt Canada. However, the greatest takeaway from his introductory press conference wasn’t about his offensive philosophy. Ensminger is truly embracing his first permanent job as a coordinator in 20 years and suffers no fools.

While he’s a relatively underwhelming choice in contrast to the innovative Canada, Ensminger couldn’t care less about the noise surrounding his promotion. Just from this brief soundbite, it’s obvious why Ed Orgeron keeps gravitating towards him. These fogeys are peas in a pod.

“I had a guy call me last night;” Ensminger began explaining. ‘Did you read this in the paper?’ I said, ‘Hell no, I ain’t read the papers in 20 years.’ I don’t read Twitter. You know, I’ve seen a statement by Booger [McFarland] I think it said ‘Coaches are full of bull, they do read the papers.’ I don’t read the damn paper, I don’t read Twitter, I don’t go on Facebook. You know what, and I tell my family ‘stay off of it.’ Because you know what, all I can do is what I can do. I can’t let any outside influence say ‘Hey, well you aren’t good enough, or you can’t do this.’ Bullshit — I’ll do it.”

Well, alrighty then. Ensminger certainly seems like he is being candid. Most people don’t even read papers anymore. Digital subscriptions are where it’s at in 2018. But that means nothing to Ensminger. LSU football is his sole focus. He won’t even read the comics section, although he didn’t say anything about watching the news. Overall, if you’re an LSU fan, you’ve got to appreciate that Ensminger is confident in his ability to boost the Tigers offense and is embracing an all in attitude.

As for Twitter, he’s probably wise to avoid the hypercritical and hysterical acid pit that is social media, especially in his profession. Ensminger’s brash personality and hubris will endear him to the LSU fanbase. Ensminger has actually served a stint as LSU offensive coordinator before. In 2016, he assumed duties from Cam Cameron after Les Miles was fired four games into the season and his recalibrated offense was instrumental in Orgeron getting the interim tag removed from this title. However, it wont be the ‘papers that get him if he can’t calibrate LSU’s tepid offense for a second time.

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