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LUCI & Blur Limit Deliver Keynote on the Future of Immersive Entertainment in China at Cannes Film Festival 2018

"Immersive China: A Fertile Ground for the Virtual Worlds" discussed the future of cinema, content, and VR in the Chinese market.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Entertainment experience company LUCI and content studio Blur Limit partnered to deliver a keynote address about how Chinese resources is going to massively influence the market and how to be part of this long-term business plan in terms of coproduction, distribution, and monetization.

The panel was comprised of industry experts and content creators from studios located in China and the USA, including Azel JAMES (LUCI / Blur Limit), Marisa SOMMERVILLE (Artist Lane), Gianluigi PERRONE (Polyhedron VR Studio), and Eddie LOU (Sandman Studios).

Azel James expressed his optimism for the creative process, saying: "Virtual Reality is a medium through which the viewer is overcome with the sense of presence and new levels of empathy and understanding are unlocked… Powerful, engaging, and accessible experiences add entirely new layers of depth to content creation, and encourage experimentation and innovative approaches with narratives."

Amongst the talks of the future of content, cinema, and VR in the Chinese market, Azel discussed the power and methodology of leveraging immersive content to enhance story-driven content, and how some of the biggest companies, brands, and organizations are using these new filmmaking techniques as part of their marketing mix.

Azel also explained how the LUCI Immers, the world's first Immersion-On-Demand headset, will extend and broaden the window in which movie studios can rent their tentpole films in 3D – a format historically reserved for theatrical releases.

The talk was followed by an hour long exclusive premiere of Light of Faith and Transcend, Blur Limit original content productions, which will be available on the LUCI immers platform later this year.

A livestream recording of Immersive China: A Fertile Ground for the Virtual Worlds via Periscope was provided by Blur Limit and is available to view at https://www.pscp.tv/DiscoverLUCI

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About Blur Limit:

Blur Limit creates 3D CGI Animations for Virtual Reality, PreViz and learning applications. We add new dimensions to content and technology making complex ideas simple and compelling.

Blur Limit is powered by the most advanced 3D stereoscopic cameras and postproduction equipment available. We produce mobile 360 video, VR livestreaming, and 3D cinematic VR for the world's biggest brands.

About LUCI:

LUCI is an entertainment experience company that focuses on enhancing the emotional connections to content through the senses. Located in Silicon Valley, LUCI is committed to building systems, creating content, developing partnerships and forming communities that will drive humanity to new horizons. For more information visit http://www.luci.one and follow the following social pages:


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