Lucira and Loch Lomond Villa Announce Clinical Study to Tackle Tripledemic With First and Only Combination COVID-19 and Flu OTC Molecular Self-Test

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Lucira Health Inc.
Lucira Health Inc.

With 99% accuracy and within 30 minutes, institutions will simultaneously and accurately test residents, health workers and visitors for COVID-19 and Flu A/B

Lucira COVID-19 & Flu Test – 99% Molecular Accuracy in 30 Minutes

The first and only test of its kind to test for Covid and Flu at home or point-of-care, the Lucira COVID-19 & Flu Test is not a rapid antigen test. It is a molecular test that is 99% accurate when compared to sensitive lab-based PCR tests.
The first and only test of its kind to test for Covid and Flu at home or point-of-care, the Lucira COVID-19 & Flu Test is not a rapid antigen test. It is a molecular test that is 99% accurate when compared to sensitive lab-based PCR tests.
  • Lucira COVID-19 & Flu Test is the first and only combination over-the-counter (OTC) self-test with fast, molecular lab-quality results enabling mass testing of symptomatic residents, staff and visitors amid the aggressive COVID-19 and flu season in Canada.

  • Lucira’s 99% accurate, differential molecular test can detect Influenza A/B and all strains of COVID-19 earlier in an infection.

  • On-site assessment (as little as 11-mins for positive status up to 30-min for result confirmation) will minimize result turnaround time and improve resident health management pathways at Loch Lomond Villa.

EMERYVILLE, Calif., Dec. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lucira Health, Inc. (Nasdaq: LHDX) ("Lucira Health" or "Lucira"), a medical technology company, and Loch Lomond Villa, one of New Brunswick’s largest long-term health facility operators announced today a clinical study to simultaneously test residents, medical and support staff, and visitors for COVID-19 and Influenza A/B infection with the Lucira COVID-19 & Flu Test.

This pilot will significantly enhance testing and tracking capabilities at Loch Lomond Villa, while allowing medical staff to conduct a comparative and observational study that will help assess the effectiveness of Lucira’s testing platform in managing and minimizing COVID-19 and Influenza A/B outbreaks in long-term care settings. Lucira’s COVID-19 & Flu Test, the first and only 99% accurate molecular self-test, can provide immediate testing and accurate PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test results for all three viruses.

“Effective testing is the first line of defense in managing respiratory outbreaks,” said Loch Lomond Villa Chief Executive Officer, Ms. Cindy Donovan. “The ability of Lucira’s platform to simultaneously test for influenza A/B and COVID-19 has the potential to make a huge difference to our residents and staff. We look forward to analyzing and reporting the results.”

“Lucira’s test means that Canadians no longer need to trade-off speed for accuracy when testing for infection,” said Erik Engelson, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lucira Health. “This is the only portable molecular self-test for COVID-19 and the flu on the market, providing lab-quality test results, at home and work, in hospitals or while travelling.”

The Lucira COVID-19 & Flu Test is also available for direct purchase by Canadians on Lucira’s website:

About Lucira COVID-19 & Flu Test

The Lucira COVID-19 & Flu Test is a NAAT test utilizing the same platform and device design as Lucira’s COVID-19 Test to provide independent diagnoses for COVID-19, Flu A, and Flu B. The single-use test fits in the palm of your hand, runs on two AA batteries, and with one nasal swab, provides a positive or negative result for COVID-19, Flu A, and Flu B in 30 minutes or less. Each Lucira test is packaged with everything needed to run a single test: the test device, two AA batteries, sample vial, swab, and simple instructions. There is no separate reader or instrument to purchase and maintain.

About Lucira Health

Lucira is a medical technology company focused on the development and commercialization of innovative infectious disease tests to make lab-quality diagnostics more accessible. Lucira designed its test platform to provide accurate, reliable, PCR-quality test results anywhere and at any time. Beyond its already commercialized COVID-19 and COVID-19 & Flu Tests, Lucira is working on new diagnostic tests for respiratory infections and other categories including women’s health and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). For more information, visit

About Loch Lomond Villa

Loch Lomond Villa officially opened its doors in 1973, thanks to the vision and support of East Saint Johns Simonds Lions Club, who foresaw the need for a complete life-care centre for the Saint John area senior population. Loch Lomond Villa's person-centered approach means providing individualized care for all residents and applying the highest standards of care to everything we do. We are focused on the elements of care and support that matter most to residents and their families. In October of 2019, Loch Lomond Villa was awarded Gold Certification for Excellence in Person-Centered Care by Planetree International. This Person-Centered Care Certification recognizes Loch Lomond Villa's achievement and innovation in the delivery of person-centered care. Loch Lomond Villa is one of only 90 healthcare organizations worldwide to receive the Person-Centered Care Gold Certification since the program's launch in 2007. Loch Lomond Villa is also accredited through Accreditation Canada with exemplary status.


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