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Lululemon Puns Are Completely Out Of Control

Kim Bhasin

Stop it! Everyone stop it right now!

Lululemon puns are totally out of control.

For those still unfamiliar with what happened with the apparel retailer, Lululemon has pulled from its shelves a large number of black luon yoga pants, which had been deemed too see-through.

Granted, it was bound to happen, considering the nature of the story at hand. 

But we're seeing a deluge of yoga pants puns, the likes of which mankind has never seen.

Look at all these headlines:

  • "Lululemon stock drops as yoga pants expose problems" — Reuters

  • "Yoga-Pants Supplier Says Lululemon Stretches Truth" —  The Wall Street Journal

  • "Sheer Lululemon pants would sell, say cheeky observers" —  CBC

  • "Yoga Pants Reveal Lululemon Shortcomings" — The Financial Times

  • "See-through pants? How Lululemon became the butt of the Internet’s jokes" — The Globe and Mail

  • "It's clear to see: Yoga pants were too sheer" — The Columbus Dispatch

  • "I See London, I See France: Lululemon Wears Crisis Well" —  MarketingDaily

  • "Lululemon yoga pant recall sheer comfort for cheaper brands" — The Lantern

Yuk yuk! Once you delve into those articles and many others, you realize how rampant the puns are:

Of course, the Twitter-folk would never have allowed themselves to be left behind for yoga-punmageddon:  

See-through #Lululemon pants headline suggestion: Sheer Madness!

— Steve Adams (@SteveAdamsWpg) March 19, 2013

No company has embraced transparency quite like Lulumon.

— Adam L. Penenberg (@Penenberg) March 19, 2013

Unwanted exposure for Lululemon cbc.sh/2RTwJWM

Leo Cheng (@lchungkan) March 20, 2013

I "recall" when Lululemon was nonexistent and the Italian Stallion ate raw eggs and jogged the Philly dawn in thick baggy cotton MAN sweats!

— Robert Buscemi (@RobertBuscemi) March 20, 2013

Flaw or transparent marketing genius? >> See-through yoga pants a pain for Lululemon bo.st/11fhoQG via @bostondotcom

— John R. Dykstra (@John_R_Dykstra) March 20, 2013

Yoga outfitter Lululemon has found itself in a compromising position. ow.ly/jfONi fb.me/1BWFJB9gE

— The PR Verdict (@ThePRVerdict) March 20, 2013

Yes, we see right through your silly puns.

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